2020 Governor's Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge




Tuesday, June 23, 2020



Dear Sterling Community School families,


I would like to make you aware that the Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge has begun.  The State of Connecticut sponsors the Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge because reading is the most important skill.  Research shows that reading is crucial to a child’s brain development and intellectual stimulation. And that’s just the beginning: 

  • Reading is a gateway skill. It opens the door to all other learning. 

  • Reading is the processing of information. It requires the student to develop a capacity for conceptual thinking — an ability to think about the nature and significance of things. 

  • Reading builds language skills. By becoming more familiar with language through reading, students build a rich vocabulary and an ability to express themselves clearly and creatively. 

  • Reading builds better-thinking strategies. Analyzing words, sentences, themes, and meaning; concentrating, conceptualizing and visualizing — all these elements of reading are strategies to expand a student’s ability to think. 

  • Reading is active and disciplined. Students learn to choose what they read and when they read, and they learn to discipline themselves to concentrate on the written word. 


Here are some suggestions that you can do to encourage reading:

  • Use the library. Make sure everyone in your family has access to electronic library resources. To access eBooks and audiobooks, go to https://iconnct.rbdigital.com. 

  • Read every day. Make it a habit to set aside time each day for everyone to read—books, magazines, newspapers, letters. You can even begin by reading television listings, then discussing what you will watch together and why. 

  • Talk about what you’re reading. Children need to see adults reading frequently. They also need to know the benefits of reading. 

  • Talk to your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews, even young neighbors about what you’re reading. Tell them how much you have enjoyed it, what you have learned, and how you have been inspired. 

  • Make reading materials part of your home. Buy books at bookstores and tag sales. Borrow books from the library and from friends. Subscribe to newspapers and magazines. Then read, read, read! 


Students are encouraged to keep track of their reading by recording what was read in this year’s Reading Journal.  To learn more about the Summer Reading Challenge, contact the Connecticut State Department of Education: 860-713-6751 or www.ct.gov/sde.


Have a safe, enjoyable, and healthy summer.  Happy Reading!




Christopher Scott