Moose and Theo

Happy Friday My Super Awesome Science Students!!

I miss you all and feeling sad that we are separated. Please contact me here through our google classroom or email me personally whenever you need to at I have posted the 3 assignments that were given out on Friday and will continue to update you with our Science Lessons and additional materials.  There are two Readworks posted related to our Gravity and Kinetic Energy Unit, "Why Don't People on the other side Fall Off?" and "Sir Isaac Newton and LeBron James."  There is also a Readworks article posted related to Perseverance, "The Boy Who Didn't Want to Catch."  Perseverance is defined as continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure or opposition.  In other words we all need to keep pushing through. For myself I will continue to get work done even though Moose wants to play!! (I will keep trying to figure out how to post my pictures right side up.)
All my Love,
Mrs. Mennella XO