Why is gravity different on other planets?



Happy Monday My Super Awesome Science Students!!

As we transition to our online classes I would like you to start a home version of our Science Notebooks. It will be a continuation of our classroom notebooks we were working on. We will be moving forward with Gravity and Kinetic Energy. Our last lesson on March 13th was under Investigation 2: Force of Gravity. The lesson was 2.1 Mass and Weight and our Focus Question was "What is the relationship between mass and weight?"

This week we will be moving to lesson 2.2 How Heavy? Please start your notebooks with our next Focus Question "What is gravity like on other planets compared to Earth?" Please take a minute and jot down your initial response to the question before we start the lesson. (Remember keeping a Science Notebook helps you organize YOUR thoughts, observations and data.)

You are so very lucky that I will be bringing "Doug" into your homes today. Your Mystery Science lesson is "Why is gravity different on other planets?" Once you click on the link please view the Exploration (7min) and the Wrap Up (8min). If you are able to do the Hands on Activity...Great!! but you are not required. 8th graders I believe we did this activity last year but please still view the Exploration and Wrap Up, they are new.


When you have completed the Exploration and Wrap Up please skip the Anchor Connection. Under the Extenstions slide I would like you to explore "Discover how much you weigh on other planets." ("What's going" on at the bottom of the page is a great read for review.) Also under the Extensions slide is an extra activity "Asteroid Jump." Please answer the 3 questions from this page in your science notebook.

AGENDA: Monday March 23, 2020
1. Start Home Science Notebook for Gravity and Kinetic Energy with Lesson 2.2 How Heavy?
2.Write down Focus Question: What is gravity like on other planets compared to Earth?
3. View Mystery Science "Why is gravity different on other planets?" Exploration and Wrap Up
4. Explore Extension Activity "Discover how much you weigh on other planets"
5. Answer 3 questions in notebook from Extension Activity "Asteroid Jump"
6. Enjoy your lesson with "Doug" and stay curious!!!!!

XO Mrs. Mennella

PS I think my picture is upside down this time, although it's in space so I guess it does not matter.