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Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

  • George Santayana

Room: 2112

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7th Grade Curriculum
  • Ancient Greece & Rome

  • Development of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam

  • Europe in the Middle Ages

  • The Renaissance

  • The Protestant Reformation

  • The Age of Exploration

  • European Colonization

  • European Monarchs

  • Age of Revolutions

8th Grade Curriculum
  • Road to Disunion

    • Causes of the Civil War

  • Civil War and Reconstruction

  • Age of Industry

    • The second industrial revolution, big business, and unions

  • Becoming a World Power

    • American colonialism and WWI

  • Depression and War

    • Great Depression and WWII

  • Cold War and 1950’s and 60’s Domestic Issues

Grading Standards

Evaluating Sources

Identify evidence that draws information from multiple sources to support claims, noting evidentiary limitations

Constructing Arguments

Construct arguments by accurately using claims and evidence from multiple sources, while acknowledging the strengths and limitations of the arguments and elaborating on the topic


Construct maps to represent and explain the pattern of cultural and environmental society


Explain the benefits and the costs of trade policies to individuals, businesses, and society


Explain specific roles played by citizens (such as voters, jurors, taxpayers, members of the armed forces, petitioners, protesters, and officeholders)


Use questions about historically significant people or events to explain the impact on a region


Mr. Smolak's Fireside Chat

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8th Grade Update

An update about the 8th grade classroom

Wed Jan 29 07:46 AM

8th Grade 12/18/19

The following blog discusses what we will be looking at when we return from break

Fri Dec 20 12:00 AM

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