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Sterling Community School

The Sterling School Office receives all student enrollment forms for processing a new student entering the school system. If you have any questions regarding this information or have circumstances that do not meet the above-referenced criteria, please contact the Sterling School Office at +1 (860) 564-2728 or email questions directly to:


  • Original Birth Certificate along with a copy
  • Proof of Residency – light bill (2nd page); mortgage agreement; renters’ agreement or Certificate of Residence
  • Registration Form
  • Medical Questionnaire (1 per student, PK/K use different form)
  • Health Assessment Record - Physical form for Doctors – State form, blue for K and up; Yellow for Preschool
    *Current physical due at registration if within State
    *Current physical due at registration and on the State form within 1 month of registration if out of State
  • Up to date Immunization Records
  • Income Verification Form - Preschool only
  • Health Questionnaire - Preschool only
  • ESI-R Questionnaire - Preschool only (contact main office)
  • Yearly Drop Off/Pick Up Form (only if dropping / picking up)
  • Transportation Form (only if other than home address)

See below for a list of downloadable documents

Contact the Sterling Main Office at +1 (860) 564-2728 Option 1  for more information as not all forms are published online

Main Office: +1 (860) 564-2728 Option 1

Heather Nickerson

Heather Nickerson

Interim Principal

Chandler, Christine
Administrative Assistant / Main Office
Congdon, Jean
Administrative Assistant / Special Education
Lanza, Gail
Superintendent / Director of Special Services
Swan, Martha
Administrative Assistant / Main Office
Tetreault, Carrie