Sterling Community School PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)
About us:

Sterling Community School (SCS)  PTO would like to welcome all of our students and family members to our school.  We are excited to be working with all of the teachers and community members here in Sterling and are looking forward to another great school year.


The SCS PTO feels that it is helpful for everyone to know one another as we work together in our efforts to provide support for our students at Sterling Community School.


The SCS PTO Board includes the following members:

  • -Co-Presidents, Tracy Shaw and Alyssa Johnson - Tracy is a mom to a fourth-grader at SCS and Alyssa (pronounced Alicia) is a mom to an eighth and sixth-grader at SCS.

  • -Vice President, Chrissy Sansouci - Chrissy is a mom to a fourth grader and first grader at SCS. 

  • -Treasurer, Patty Ryan - Patty is a mom to two students at SCS.

  • -Secretary, Kamma Dansereau - Kamma is a mom to a seventh-grader and sixth-grader at SCS. 

The Sterling Community PTO looks forward to working together with our SCS families and the faculty and staff at Sterling Community School to help raise funds for trips, activities, supplies and of course promote and aide in creating a successful community for students and teachers alike.


Please contact us anytime with questions, concerns or requests directly at We can also be found on Facebook under Sterling Community School PTO.


We look forward to hearing from you. 



Sterling Community School PTO


Sterling Community School Parent Organization INC.

251 Sterling Road, Sterling CT  06377


Facebook:  Sterling Community School PTO

News and Upcoming events:


  • The next SCS PTO  meeting will take place on Monday, April 6, 2020, at 6:30 pm in the Community Room.



    Please check out the Sterling Community School PTO on Facebook - Sterling Community School PTO.  If you have any questions for the PTO, you contact the PTO through email at

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