Welcome to Ms. McCoil's Physical Education Class
What's Happening to P.E. Class?
The week leading up to Winter Break, students K-8 spent some time in their own Winter Wonderland in PE class. Check out the slideshow above!

A Reminder to All Students:

Please remember to wear or bring sneakers to PE class. Sneakers improve your performance and also keep you and your classmates safe! Look at your Special Schedule to remember when you need to have sneakers!

Stay Active!

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Happy New Year! Starting in January, students in grades 3-8 will begin fitness testing. Our students take 4 tests: PACER (cardiovascular endurance), Sit and Reach (hamstring flexibility), Push Up Test (upper body strength and endurance), and Curl Up Test (abdominal strength and endurance). You can find the Connecticut State Fitness Testing Standards below.
fitness testing standards