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Just a few updates from our class!: Robert: We used balances to learn about weight. Some things are light and others are heavy. Juliano: We are learning how to use letters to spell words. Maxwell: We use white boards to practice writing our letters. Imogen: We learn about shapes and sizes.

Mon Jan 27 03:30 PM

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Dear Families, Gracie and Kamdyn: We are learning to spell colors by singing songs. Max and Jordan: We are taking good care of our books. Lexi: We like Jiji math. Maxwell: We are making puppets to help us talk about respect. Charlie: We take good care of our dry erase markers at school. We use them to practice writing letters. Cassidy: In math we are learning taller and shorter. Sophia: We are so proud of ourselves because we have been writing words and sentences. Tyler: We are learning about letters. Sometimes there are capitals. Khloe: We learned about our brains and our feelings. Have a great week with your families!

Mon Jan 06 09:53 AM

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Happy New Year, and welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful time with family and friends over break, and is excited to be back in school... I am!

Thu Jan 02 10:09 AM


Hello Kindergarten Families, Welcome to our new blog. You can look here to find out what is new in our classroom. I will be checking in with students each week and getting their input as to the most important things to include. This will let us know what activities and events stood out in the minds of the kids, and it will give the kids a chance to reflect upon their learning and participate in publishing their ideas. I will, of course, include my own ideas, but I think it will be fun to make this a group project. Please let me know that you have seen our blog. Thanks, Cindy Larsen

Thu Dec 12 03:59 PM

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