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Miss Huhtanen
Parent Updates


  • Today was STARRS Friday, our PBIS reward for earning STARRS tickets these past two weeks.  Students had a lot of fun either making a snowman craft, playing board games, going on the computer, or having extra recess time!  Students also learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and his positive impact on the world.  Make sure to ask them why they have no school on Monday!  
    In addition, please remember to make sure your child completes the monthly homework calendar and reading log.  There will be a special surprise for the students that do this month!  As always, let me know if you need an extra copy.


Scholastic online book order code: TXTYN

Online Practice at Home:

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  • Reading: Lexia
  • Math: Freckle

Anytime Practice:

  • Tying your shoes
  • Fry's First 100 Sight Words
  • Listing nouns, adjectives, and verbs
  • Writing numbers to 120
  • Counting to 120
  • Counting by 10s
  • Counting by 5s
  • Counting by 2s
  • Days of the week
  • Months of the year

Discuss Essential Questions:

Lesson 1- What is important about being a friend? 

Lesson 2- What happens during a storm?

Lesson 3- Why is going to school important?

Lesson 4- Who can you meet in a neighborhood? 

Lesson 5- What happens on a train?

Lesson 6- What lessons can you learn from story characters?

Lesson 7- How do animals communicate?

Lesson 8- How is music a part of everyday life?

Lesson 9- What makes a story or poem funny? 

Lesson 10- How can you show a friend that you care about him or her? 

Lesson 11- What kinds of plants and animals would you find in the ocean? 

Lesson 12- How are jungle animals different from animals on a farm?

Lesson 13- What changes do different seasons cause? 

Lesson 14- Why is it important to have rules? 

Lesson 15- What makes birds different from mammals? 

Lesson 16- What do astronauts do? 

Lesson 17- What are some different ways to travel? 

Lesson 18- What do farmers need to grow food? 

Lesson 19- Why is it important to learn about people from the past? 

Lesson 20- How can you help a friend who feels sad? 

Lesson 21- What grows in a garden? 

Lesson 22- Why do some animals have spots or stripes? 

Lesson 23- How can you take good care of a pet?

Lesson 24- What happens to a tree as it grows? 

Lesson 25- What can you learn from someone who is from another country? 

Lesson 26- What are some different ways to make art?

Lesson 27- Why is it important to try your best? 

Lesson 28- How can weather change your day? 

Lesson 29- How can insects be helpful? 

Lesson 30- Why is teamwork important in school or sports?

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What do the classroom computers eat for snack?

A: Microchips


What goes up when the rain comes down?

A: An umbrella


What goes around the yard without moving?

A: A fence


What can you put in a glass, but never take out?

A: A crack


What has bark, but makes no noise?

A: A tree


What has hands, but can't hold anything?

A: A clock