Athletics are considered an integral part of the school's educational program. By emphasizing the importance of self-discipline, sacrifice, and dedication, interscholastic sports can be a valuable educational resource in fostering student achievement.

Athletics provides experiences that may be difficult to duplicate in other areas of a student's education. The program operates within the overall objectives and goals of the education program.


I promise on my honor:  to obey all school rules and regulations, to keep myself in good physical condition, to keep up in my school work, to compete hard & clean, to be loyal to the team, to conduct myself all times in a sportsmanlike manner, and to be a credit to Sterling Community School.



Any student-athlete who has not reported to the school by noon will not be permitted to practice or play that afternoon or evening. Exceptions to this rule will be considered only if the player’s parent explains the unusual circumstances to the principal or designee.


Student Behavior Impacting Eligibility:

School behavior and conduct as a Sterling Student-Athlete will impact Student-Athlete’s ability to participate in practices and interscholastic games. Inappropriate school behavior resulting in Student-Athlete receiving major referrals may result in verbal warnings, limited play time, the serving of detentions on practice or game days and in extreme circumstances, removal from the interscholastic team.



Suspension from school will result in loss of extracurricular and social privileges during the period of suspension.  This includes the loss of ability to participate in practices and interscholastic sports. 


Equipment Agreement

In addition, I will take proper care of my equipment and return it when called to do so OR be responsible to pay for damaged or lost articles in accordance with the State of Connecticut Public Act 81-257. Sterling team uniforms must be returned at the end of the season.


2022-2023  Winter Sports.  Practices can be changed or shifted.  This not the permanent schedule.  Tryouts will be held the week following Thanksgiving Break.

5th-8th Basketball (Boys & Girls Teams)

Practice Days- Tuesday and Thursday 

Game Days- Monday and Wednesday


Basketball and Cheerleading Registration packets will be released the first day of School and will need to be completed with up-to-date medical forms sent to nurse in order for your athlete to start by November 21st.  



Basketball & Cheer Sport Signature Page


 Please check regularly for updates on our Winter Sports Schedule posted here. (Posting after  Thanksgiving Break).

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