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Membership and participation in the Teachers' Retirement System is mandatory for all eligible teachers. Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  1. You occupy a position which requires you to hold certification.
  2. You possess the appropriate certification for that position.
  3. You are employed for a minimum average of half-time or greater.
Your membership in the Teachers' Retirement System will begin the month in which you start working provided it is on the first working day of the month. The Membership Application link can be found below, which you can download for your completion. This form should be forwarded to the Teachers' Retirement Board in Hartford.

Teachers Retirement Board
21 Grand Street
Hartford, CT 06106-1500
1-800-504-1102 (toll free)
1-860-241-8400 (tel.)
1-860-525-6018 (fax)
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