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How Do Computers Work?Top of Page

Learn more about how the devices you use every day work in this exciting new series hosted by Bill Gates, Founder and CEO of Microsoft.

Google Slides Users:

Tired of the same old Google Slides layouts?
Then, check out these free templates created by a teacher!
Make a copy to use in your own Google slideshows.

EdTech in the Classrooms


Grades 5 and 6 Genius HourTop of Page

All students in grades 5 and 6 will be participating in a long-term research project with Mrs. Wood. Students will develop their own essential questions and use a variety of research and citation tools in EdTech and Library classes to gain greater knowledge and understanding of their topics. Students will also produce an original product to educate their peers and parents.

8th Grade STEAM Exploration!Top of Page

8th graders are exploring the fusion of science, technology, engineering, art, and math by designing floor plans of their homes and of our school with TInkerCAD. Through the process of trial and error, students are learning relevant skills to test and design prototypes that contribute to the world around them.

Storybooks with Clicker 6!Top of Page

With Clicker 6 grade 2 students write, illustrate, and record their own stories centering on classroom themes, such as seasons, friendship, and growing up.

Coding...with Kindergartners!Top of Page

Developed at MIT to teach introductory programming, ScratchJr is a free app designed to teach young students step-by-step coding - even before they can read! Kindergartners are bringing Scratch and his friends to life as they develop digital stories: complete with sound, animation, and narration. 

Digital Age ResearchingTop of Page

Middle school students are developing into skilled lifelong learners with a view to respecting intellectual property and demonstrating digital citizenship. Students are using the web-based tool NoodleTools to collect and organize their sources for research projects, and to share and collaborate with their teachers and peers.

Researching The United States and its RegionsTop of Page

Fourth grade students are collectively building their knowledge of the United States by researching the five regions and each student is exploring a state of their choice. Students will learn about the climate, industry, and culture of their state and demonstrate their understanding by creating digital presentations with Google Slides and Drawings.


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