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Digital Storytelling with Clicker 6!

With Clicker 6 grade 1 students write, illustrate, and record their own stories centering on classroom themes, such as seasons, friendship, and growing up. The program provides a word-prediction tool and audio guides to help students develop their word processing skills as early as possible!

21st Century Research!

Middle school students use the web-based citation generator NoodleTools to collect and organize digital resources for research projects, and to share and collaborate with their teachers and peers.

Coding...with Kindergartners!Top of Page

Developed at MIT to teach introductory programming, Kindergartners use the free app Scratch to create and develop original digital stories with Scratch and his friends, complete with sound, animation, and narration!

Stop Motion Animation!

Grade 6 students are exploring this fun and exciting medium by developing storyboards and snapping hundreds of images to bring everyday objects to life,all with the free Stop Motion iPad app!


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