Facilities Use Request

Use of School Facilities
The Board of Education recognizes that school buildings and grounds are public property, and that the Board of Education may make them available for purposes other than education when they are not in use for school purposes. The Board further recognizes the value of community activities and seeks to permit such use of school facilities. Therefore, the Board of Education authorizes the use of district facilities for such purposes under appropriate district regulations for the use of such facilities consistent with the mission of the Sterling Community School.
Recognizing that the school facilities are a community resource, the Sterling Board of Education has documented the following policy [Policy # 1330(a)] that defines administration of their use: 
1.     The School Principal shall approve the use of school facilities. Priority order for approval of meetings and activities is as follows:        

        a.  Emergency meetings
        b.  Town Meetings       
        c.  Board of Education Meetings
        d.  School-sponsored activities       
        e.  Town committees       
        f.  Non-profit, town-based organizations       
        g.  Private, town-based organizations       
        h.  Out-of-town organizations      

2.  Building use is contingent upon maintenance schedules and appropriate custodial coverage. Groups should plan to meet during regular custodial hours, otherwise the Board of Education may establish and charge a user fee.      
3.  All requests must be made on the approved form and sponsors must abide by the procedures outlined. The individual signing the request shall be responsible for the conduct of the group and the maintenance of the facility during the period of use. Adequate and proper adult supervision is required at all times. Use is a privilege and may be rescinded at any time. Citizens using school facilities shall be held financially responsible for any damage caused by their use.         
4.    The Board of Education shall approve all out-of-town requests and establish fees for use of facilities by such groups. Application must be made at least one month in advance.
5.   The Board of Education shall periodically establish and adjust fees for the use of school facilities.     
6.   At any time the school is closed due to bad weather and/or emergencies, the facility will also be closed.  
7.   The sale and/or use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco is prohibited on school property at all times. 
8.   The Boy Scouts of America, Big Sisters of America, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Future Farmers of America, Girl Scouts of America, Little League Baseball, Inc. and any other group intended to serve youth under the age of 21 listed in Title 36 of the U. S. Code may use school property upon payment of suitable fees and costs according to the Board approved fee schedule.  
9.      Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to:        
        a.  Activities to overthrow the Constitutional Government of the United States.    
        b.  Activities beyond the canons of good morals, manners, or taste.        
        c.  Activities which may be harmful to the facilities.        
        d.  Activities in conflict with school activities.        
        e.  Events for fund-raising or with admission charges except those sponsored by student/school affiliated groups and the P.T.O.
         f.  Activities which are discriminatory in nature.      
10.   For-profit groups may be charged 10% of admission costs plus the established user fee.    
11.   The Board of Education, administration, and its employees will not be held responsible for injury to participants or theft or damage to participant's property.  
12.  The Board of Education reserves the right to require groups to hire police and/or fire   protection and/or parking assistance for any groups requesting use of the facility.      

13.  The Board of Education requires a certificate of liability insurance of at least $1,000,000 (combined single unit coverage) and may also request a certificate naming the Town of Sterling as an additional insured. These certificates are required for all organizations not under the Town's liability insurance coverage. Copies of said certificates must be attached to the completed "Request for Use of School Facilities" form.
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