Grades Pre-K and K

 Parent Drop Off Procedure for Pre-K/K Students
  1. The Pre-K/K student drop off location is at the side entrance of the kindergarten wing of the school.  Students arriving for school prior to 8:00 AM shall enter through the kindergarten wing side entrance and report to the following designated waiting area:
    a.    Pre-K/K – Room 1112
  2. Parent/Guardians shall pull up in their car to the designated drop off location and wait to be greeted by staff.  The designated drop off location will be indicated with traffic signs.
  3. Staff members will greet and escort students from their parent’s vehicle; therefore parents will no longer need to leave their vehicle or park the vehicle for student drop off.
  4. Staff will be on duty to assist students arriving to school prior to 8:00 AM.
 Parent Pick-Up Procedures for Grades Pre-K/K
  • Parent pickup time is 3:00 PM for a full day or 12:40 PM for a half day of school. The designated pickup location is the side entrance of the Kindergarten wing as indicated by signage.  
  • Parents/Guardians can request a child be placed on the parent pickup list by sending a note with the date, time, and the name of the person picking up the child to the main office by 9:00 AM.
  • Parent/guardians shall contact the main office, in advance of dismissal time, to inform the main office that someone from the child's authorized pickup list is picking up the child.
  • Pre-K/K families utilizing parent pickup will proceed to the designated parent pickup car line, indicated with traffic signs.
  • Once in line parent/guardians/authorized adults should wait in line until there are greeted by staff to sign their child out from school. Once the parent/guardian/authorized adult has signed the child out and staff has confirmed their identity, the staff member will release the child to the adult's car. Anyone picking up a child shall present their photo identification in order for the child or children to be released to the vehicle.  Parents/Guardians/Authorized adults shall bring their identification with them to parent pickup even if you have previously been to parent pickup.
  • Students will be called to the kindergarten wing to assemble into their families in anticipation of parent pickup. Staff on duty will confirm parent pickup and students will wait for their names to be called to proceed to the parent pickup car line for dismissal.
  • Sterling Community School staff will not buckle or secure students in the vehicle. The parent or guardian shall be responsible for appropriately restraining the child or children into their vehicle.
  • Sterling community staff will be on duty to assist families with the dismissal process, please note that no student will be dismissed to a vehicle without confirming the identity of the authorized adult.  Parents do not need to leave their vehicles for parent pick up the children are brought directly to the vehicle by staff, there is no need for parents to park and exit their vehicle unless to assist a child into a seat belt/car seat.
  • For both arrival and pick up motor vehicle operators shall adhere to all traffic signage and arrival and dismissal procedures.

Families with siblings in Pre-K/K shall drop off all their children at the Pre-K/K drop off location.

For both arrival and pick up motor vehicle operators shall adhere to all traffic signage and arrival and dismissal procedures.
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