How It Works

SchoolMessenger is a communications system that allows the Sterling Community School and the District Office to contact families and staff members immediately and reliably in the event of an emergency or to send out targeted communications of importance. The system can send messages to families via voice recorded phone or e-mail notifications, depending on your preference.  Subscribers can receive the following types of messages:
District-wide emergency announcements:
Notifies staff and parents of district-wide emergency messages, such as weather-related changes in the school daily schedule, school safety or incident messages, and other emergency messages affecting the school or the community-at-large.
District-wide messages and announcements:
Notifies staff and parents of district-wide messages, such as welcome and back-to-school safety tips from the Superintendent and district initiatives and their impact.
District-wide events:
Provides information on free, educational district-wide events open to families, staff and the community, such as Open House Night and community meetings.
School board meetings and announcements:
Notifies parents and staff about the Board’s priorities, policies and governance, which shape the vision of Sterling. Announcements can include everything from opportunities to discuss the district’s budget, changes to AISD policies and to provide recommendations on important district initiatives.
Surveys and other data collection opportunities:
Provides staff and families with an opportunity to share feedback on Sterling programs, initiatives and communications, among other topics. Administrators can use targeted surveys to gain insight from parents and staff on campus programs, initiatives or events. 
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