Backpack Express

The term "Backpack Express" is used to describe a communication method that involves the use of a student's backpack as a method of communicating with the child's parent. Typically, information that requires communication with a subset of the student population, such as one classroom of students or the student members of a particular group or activity, and that cannot be meaningfully posted on the district's website or forwarded via an e-notification message, will be sent home with the student via the "backpack express."  Periodically, information in the form of a small booklet or publication will be shared with parents and delivered through the "backpack express."
In some instances, parents will receive an e-notification that a message or materials have been sent home with the students via the "backpack express." In that there will not always be a need to communicate in advance of a "backpack express" message, parents are encouraged to inquire if their child has anything in his/her backpack that school staff have asked been shared with parents.
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