Bus Stop Procedures

  • Please be at the bus stop 5-10 minutes before your scheduled pick up and drop off times. Pick-up/drop-off  times are estimates at best. Many variables come into play throughout the year, including weather conditions and daily fluctuations in student load, etc.

  • No student shall be picked up or let off the bus at any stop other than their regular stop without written permission from a parent/guardian and approved by the administration.

  • Students in pre-kindergarten through third grade must be greeted at the bus stop by a parent or guardian. Students will be returned to school in the event that a parent/guardian is not present at the bus stop and phone contact cannot be made with a responsible adult. School personnel will make their best judgment as to the course of action necessary to protect the student’s safety.

  • Due to the rural nature of our town, we pick up at each student's home. However, if your child stands less than 100 feet from another student being picked up or dropped off, we ask that they stand together as a combined bus stop. 
  • Bus stops can entail many dangerous situations. Please monitor your children and accompany very small children to your pick-up or drop-off location. 
  • The State of Connecticut requires a school bus to activate its amber warning lights a full 100 feet before picking up or dropping off school children. 

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