Bus Safety

Transportation via school buses is a privilege, and students of all ages are requested and expected to observe appropriate safety and conduct rules to remain eligible for transportation services. Therefore, students are expected to know and follow bus behavior rules per the following:

Before boarding the busTop of Page

Students should . . .

  • Students should be careful in the loading area and wait in an orderly manner. Student waiting at the bus stop should avoid "horseplay" and stay out of the street while waiting for the bus to arrive.
  • Approach the bus entrance in a single line, only after the bus has come to a complete stop. Pushing and shoving other students while boarding or exiting the bus creates a safety issue for all students and will not be allowed.

After boarding the busTop of Page

Students should . . .

  • Obey the bus driver's directions. Go to your assigned seat and stay seated until the bus arrives at the destination. 
  • Speak in a "classroom" voice. Loud speech or laughter causes distractions for the bus driver. Rough-housing or horseplay on the school bus will not be allowed and may result disciplinary action that may include loss of transportation privileges. 
  • Keep the bus litter free. No food or drinks may be consumed on the bus. 
  • Remember that school buses are property of the Town of Sterling. If a student causes any damage to or vandalizes a bus, he / she and the parent / guardian will be financially responsible, and discipline action that may include loss of transportation privileges may occur. 
  • Never throw an object inside or out of the school bus. Keep feet, hands, and head inside the bus at all times. Observe the rules of good conduct and show courtesy to everyone. The use of foul language, rude gestures, or malicious behavior toward the bus driver, fellow passengers, or another motorist will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action which may include loss of transportation privileges. 

After leaving the busTop of Page

Students should remember . . .

  • If you live on the right side (bus exit side) of the street, exit the bus and walk in the area where you can be seen by the bus driver. 
  • If you live on the left side of the street (across the street from the bus), leave the bus and walk at least 10 feet in front of and to the side of the bus. 
  • Watch for the driver's signal - which is a head nod - that  it is "clear" and safe to cross. Remember you cannot see cars that may be passing from behind the bus – but the bus driver can!   
  • If the bus driver blows their horn, make sure to get to the closer side of the road and wait for further directions.
  • To stop and look in both directions to see if it is safe to proceed across the street. Never cross the street behind the school bus.

For safety purposes, students may ride only their assigned bus, and students will be discharged at their assigned stop only.
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