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Beginning of School Year Letter to Parents

August 2, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Although it seems that we just ended school it is now time to enter a new school year. It is my pleasure to welcome back students and their families to the    Sterling Community School for 2016-17. 

Each year we enter the year with not just hope but real goals and strategies that will impact the opportunity for learning, success, and growth for our students. Our teachers also continue to learn so that they can provide effective instruction and understand what works best. As life long learners themselves, teachers are great examples for students that learning is fun, is worthwhile, and knowledge is powerful. Along with their education our teachers bring their varied life experiences that additionally provides a basis for a vital and exciting learning community.

I look forward to seeing the effort and commitment our students will put into their time at school. Their attention to learning, respect for each other, engagement and motivation will support the instructional process. This will certainly result in each student using their learning potential and having positive outcomes. Students will flourish, grow, and build on the knowledge they have from the past and I fully expect great things from them as they move to the future. 

As a school community we also appreciate and value the support, guidance, and encouragement of parents. We look forward to continuing to improve our partnership and communication with you. Please know that your feedback and perspective is helpful to us.

As we enter a new school year it is an exciting time, one that will be filled with challenges, successes, and joys. Time passes quickly and our students grow and change rapidly so it is important that we do our best to make each day count. We look forward to a productive, purposeful, and wonderful learning year. 


Brenda Needham, Superintendent

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