Food Services

The Sterling School District Food Services Office is located in the Sterling Community School's cafeteria area and is administered by the Food Services Manager, Gail Savage, an employee who works for Chartwells School Dining Services, the food services provider for the District. The food services program is governed by the terms of a contract between Chartwells and the Sterling Board of Education and meets all of the federal and state regulations required for management of a foods services program in a Connecticut public school setting.

Chartwells School Dining Servicesmission is to serve nutritious, well-balanced meals that appeal to our students and school community.  To this end, Gail Savage works diligently to manage the comprehensive program at the Sterling Community School and to maintain its self-sustaining budgetary status, guaranteeing that the District's annual operational budget is not impacted by the cost of operating the food services program.

In her role as Food Services Manager, Gail Savage works closely with the Office of the Superintendent and the administrative team toward collaborative management of this extensive program that provides a daily, important service for both students and staff. 

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Simply Good
Our Simply Good Program:
We share our knowledge of the life-enhancing benefits of good nutrition with students, our families and our communities. In order to make good decisions about the foods they eat, we believe that students need two things: healthy options and the insight to choose wisely. We go beyond the café with our nutrition education programs, setting the stage for smart dining decisions that will pave the way for a lifetime of success and well-being. 
Simply Good is an annual food and nutrition education program that expands students’ knowledge of food to include nutrition facts, sustainability information and even food preparation tips. 
This program aims to move the conversation about food from the cafeteria to the classroom, hallways, homes and the community. Student awareness of food is often very limited to their own personal experiences. Through special events, activities and special food focuses, we educate students about the importance of eating healthy meals, while also introducing a variety of new ingredients that broaden their food horizons. Monthly activities highlight seasonal and nutrient-rich foods such as red and orange vegetables in the Fall and leafy green and cruciferous vegetables in the Spring to engage students.
Eat. Learn. Live.
Eat. We improve the well-being of our students by preparing fresh, delicious and nutritious meals they love. We engage students and all of their senses through the creation of new and fresh dining experiences that improve their school day.
Learn. We build sharp minds and strong bodies with a healthful, balanced approach to school dining. We share our knowledge of the life-enhancing benefits of good nutrition with students, our families and our communities. 
Live. We enrich the lives of our students and the communities we live through socially responsible and sustainability best practices. We are planting the seeds of health and wellness.
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