Social Studies

The Social Studies Program at Sterling Community School fosters the integration of knowledge and human experience for the purpose of teaching our students citizenship. Students gain knowledge of history, civics and government, geography, and economics; understand the interaction between and among history, the social sciences and humanities; and apply that knowledge and understanding as responsible citizens.  Sterling Community School offers social studies curriculum at each grade level and for all students.  

The major components of the Social Studies Program are as follows:

Content Knowledge 
Through knowledge of concepts, themes and information from history and social studies, students obtain an understanding of our nation and our world. 

History/Social Studies Literacy Skills 
Students are able to analyze, evaluate and present history and social studies information.  Students will demonstrate competence in literacy, inquiry and research skills.

Civic Engagement 
Through the synthesis of information, skills, and perspective, students demonstrate civic competence in analyzing historical issues and current problems. 

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