Organizational Chart

Board of Education policy provides for the Superintendent to establish an organizational structure for the management of school district personnel. Said structure shall be represented in an organizational chart and presented to the Board of Education for review and approval. The organizational chart shall provide an orderly means of achieving district goals and identify lines of primary responsibility for all employees of the school district. 

The lines of responsibility shall be structured to enhance:

  • coordination, consistency and delivery of instruction
  • implementation of Board of Education policy
  • communication of district goals and objectives
  • conflict resolution and day-to-day communication
  • understanding of individual roles and responsibilities as they relate to student, staff, and administration 
Additionally, the lines of responsibility shall be structured to . . .

  • develop and implement educational programs most appropriate for students;
  • clarify responsibility from students through teachers, administrators, and the Superintendent, to the Board of Education;
  • communicate to each member of the staff to whom she/he is responsible and for what functions;
  • have each member of the staff responsible to only one immediate supervisor for any one function, whenever possible;
  • designate a person to whom a staff member can appeal a disagreement with the person to whom the staff member is directly responsible;
  • inform each staff member to whom he/she can go for help in working out his/her own functions in the district program;
  • keep each staff member advised of policies, functions and progress of the district. 
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