Board of Education

The Sterling School District Board of Education is comprised of six members who are elected to serve a four and six year term of office.

The Board of Education's statutory authority as spelled out in Board policy 9000 is to be exercised collectively by Board of Education members in public meetings of the Board and in committee meetings. Except for specific responsibilities of the Board officers, individual members of the Board have no individual authority in district schools, unless carrying out an assignment specifically authorized at a meeting of the Board, but exercise governance as part of the entire Board of Education or of a specifically authorized committee working under specific committee charges from the Board.     
Members of the Board of Education are expected to represent and balance the educational interests of students in the public schools, district citizens, and the State of Connecticut through:     
  1. Advocacy for appropriate educational opportunities for district students;
  2. Regular attendance at Board meetings;
  3. Participation in meeting discussions on issues before the Board;
  4. Suggesting agenda topics to the Superintendent of Schools or the Board of Education Chairperson;
  5. Regular attendance and fulfilling responsibilities on committees to which they are appointed;
  6. Becoming knowledgeable about Board authority, constraints, and procedures;
  7. Becoming informed about local schools and their educational programs and activities;
  8. Representing the community as part of a representative democratic governmental body;
  9. Understanding and following Board of Education policy.
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