Board Meetings

Meetings of the Sterling Board of Education are typically held on the third Wednesday night of the month in the Sterling Community School Library Media Center. If the third Wednesday falls during a school holiday period, then the meetings will typically be scheduled for another Wednesday night of the month.  Special meetings may be called from to time.  Ordinarily, meetings begin at 6:00 p.m.

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The Sterling Board of Education holds regular business meetings:
3rd Wednesday of each month - 6:15 pm
Sterling Community School Community Room
Parents, students, and other community members are encouraged to attend Board of Education meetings, but are respectfully reminded that they are meetings in Board business meetings held in public rather than "public meetings."  However, to ensure the public's right to be heard on school-related topics, the Board has set aside time at the beginning and end of each meeting.  Three minutes are allotted to each speaker and typically a maximum of 15 minutes are set aside for public comments.  While the Board does not engage in dialogue with members of the public, individuals are free to discuss any school-related topic of their choosing, and we welcome their input.  Obviously, any comments of a threatening or other otherwise abusive nature will not be permitted, nor will derogatory comments that focus on specific school personnel.

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   February 21
   March 21
   April 18
   May 16
   June 20
   July 16
   August 15
   September 19
   October 17
November 14
  December 19

 * Meetings held only if necessary.
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