Board Goals

The Sterling Board of Education is responsible for developing long-range goals on a regular basis, as well as refining those goals on an annual basis as required. These district goals, and the evidence of student learning there generate, inform the ongoing development of the school district, departments within the district, and individual annual improvement plans for both students and the staff who serve them. Each school year, these goals and the objectives that support them that are revisited and refined at the beginning of each school year in conjunction with the staff performance review cycle.  Annual objectives highlight priorities for the upcoming year, although the ongoing, complex work of the district across all departments and domains continues even though all areas (goals) may not be addressed as priorities each school year.  In addition, annual objectives guide resource allocation and decision making.

The following information serves to document the Sterling Board of Education's current vision statement, mission statement, and goals. More information regarding the goals is posted in the link provided at the end of this page.

Vision Statement

Sterling...A Community Committed to Educating for Excellence in the 21st Century.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Sterling School System to develop life-long learners to become responsible citizens of the world by creating a motivating, supportive environment which fosters meaningful learning and provides for the development of each individual to his/her highest potential.

Board of Education School GoalsTop of Page

  • Foster and support ongoing program development to expand and improve student achievement in a positive environment. 
  • Provide a comprehensive professional development program that supports professional expertise and proficiency.           
  • Develop and promote a variety of effective communication strategies and the dissemination of information that will support a positive Sterling Community School climate and culture.  
  • Continue to promote effective and efficient operations, systems and management in order to realize the fiscal resources and to support school related rules, regulations, and requirements.  
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